I work with individuals, couples, and families who want to process emotions, beliefs, and thoughts and make changes in their lives and relationships. I believe everyone has their own way of identifying a problem, coming to terms with their unique situation, and using their personal strengths and capabilities to resolve them. Counseling will be a collaboration between you and me, where I will be the main guide until you are confident enough to take the reins and set your own path. My role is to keep you on track and provide an empathetic ear, new perspectives, and potential solutions. 


Multicultural Counseling

Race and culture are important parts of a person’s identity. It may be difficult to figure out how to bridge cultural divides, such as beliefs, values, and perspectives, with loved ones, friends, work, and school. My goal is to support you with identifying the cultural divides in your identity and your relationships and with navigating and transitioning through them with understanding and communication.

LGBTQ+ Counseling

Exploring your gender and sexual identity can be a lonely journey. This exploration can also affect your relationships with family and friends. My goal is to help you navigate your journey of self-discovery - and the changes in your relationships - by clarifying, supporting, and learning to communicate your needs and desires.

High Conflict Counseling

Constant high conflict can feel like you are digging yourself deeper and deeper into a hole, leading to feelings of exhaustion and hopeless-ness. Every day there is something new or a repeat of something old. My goal is to help facilitate effective communication, which will increase the understanding of where break-downs are happening, and provide tools and methods to use during conflict.

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